JFashion Elite

A group for the Elitists in us

Japanese Fashion Elitists
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The Rules

::Read ALL the rules before applying

::You must be accepted before posting
::Post an application within 3 days after joining or else you may be deleted. This dosen't mean you can't re-apply, we just don't want a bunch of meaningless screen names crowding our page
::You must fill out the application
::Nobody under the age of 14 is allowed to join
::Do not complain because you are not accepted. Take your pride and leave
::Do no disrespect the mods or other members
::There is a minnimal drama rule because with a community like this there is bound to be drama, just keep it to a minnimum. Here, we allow the members to put others in their place, especially those who are being immature, rude, mindless, etc.
::So we know that you read the rules, answer the question "What is J-fashion?" with the answer of "Not clothing but a fate."
::Please do NOT delete your application OR comments. If your application needs to be deleted or cetain comments then the mods will take care of it. Do not take either action unless you contact the mods or have the mods permission.
::Editing your application is okay

::Do not post another group in here as an add unless asked first and if you are given the okay then please post on the entry "Mod Aproved" if this is not put on the entry it will be deleted.
::The same goes with Ads for sales please ask and put on it that it was approved.
::Please keep pictures under cut (read the Application if you do not know how to cut entries)you may have a preview pic that is of reasonable size but the rest must be undercut so that it does not lag the group page.
::Thats all Please have fun in the group

The Application

Put your application behind a LJ cut! And title it "I want to be An Elitist"
Please make your application FRIENDS ONLY. As well as your entires in the community. Otherwise it will be rejected and you will have to re-do the whole application.
::How to do a LJ cut::

Take out the asterisks

<*lj-cut text="INSERT TITLE HERE"*>



Age(nobody under 14 please & thank you)::
What is your style of dress (like Gothic Lolita, Decora, etc. more than one is fine)::
5 bands that are your favorite::
Favorite fashion(s)::
If you were invited to this group, please tell us who invited you (please put their screen name here)::
What is your opinion on otakus?::
Favorite magazine(s)::
Favorite movies::
Favorite clothing brands::
If you have an Idol, tell us who it is & why::
What is J-fashion?::
Tell us something interesting about yourslf::
Why do you feel you belong in this community?::
Please advertise 2 other places or put a banner on your user info if you cannot find groups that will let you and put the link(s) here::
Please post at least 3 CLEAR photos of yourself but no more than 5::

About applying and Being accepted

::It will take an average of votes to be accepted. There has to be more YESs than NOs to be accepted. For instance if there is 5 YESs and 5 NOs, that person cannot be accepted OR rejected bcause it is equal. More votes are needed.
::The mods have the right to ban and overrule an application if they purely dislike the application
::Mods cannot make a decision on their own. They first contact the other mod(s) to make a final decision
::At least 5 YES's are needed to accept an application. But of course in that case 4 NO's will be overruled. Get it?

::Being accepted::
::When accepted, feel free to post about anything as long as it pretains to Japanese fashion in someway
::Remember, the mods have the right to delete your entry with no questions asked at any time if they feel that it does not pretain to the group
::Be active. Please don't just walk away after being accepted but please take part in the community as much as possible and vote on other applicants
::Be nice to the applicants but if an applicant gets out of line, feel free to put them in their place
::Being accepted means you have more power in the community but please do not abuse that privelage.

::Waiting on your application::

::Do not post in the community
::Do not vote on other applications


::Being Rejected::
::You are only allowed to apply ONCE after your first application if you wish to do so.
::If you do re-apply and the mods really don't like you (for good reasons), then they can delete and ban you from the community

::Automatic rejection::
::If you make fun of any fashion or any other people in your application (Racist or just plain stupid comments), etc.
::If you use pictures that are not your own(If we find this out you are banned and we will hunt you down thats just plain rude)
::If you fail to read the rules
::If you are Automatically Rejected you are banned from the community, UNLESS the reason was that you did not read the rules.Once again you are allowed to edit your entry and we will warn you that you should read the rules and edit the entry before getting rid of it so PLEASE do read first.

Questions and contacting the mods

::If there are any questions about anything at all, feel free to contact either mod, also if you would like to be a sister group contact the mods.


E-mail us at jfashion_elite@yahoo.com if you have any questions, comments, etc.

PLEASE put in the subject of the mail "Elitist mail" or put it somewhere in the subject so it is not deleted and counted as spam.

Otherwise, it will be thrown away because, to be honest, the internet is a dangerous place and cannot be trusted so much. The last thing one of us mods needs is some killer virus, spyware, etc. on their computer.



Take and show off the group.

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